Orange Bowl


So I was trying something new this month, I’ve seen people use an apple to make a hookah bowl. I wanted to try something I haven’t seen so far, so I used an orange. How you may ask? I really came up with it all on my own. I cut an orange in half, to start. Then I cut a hole in it and stuck it on top of my hookah so I could pack shisha around the sides so that when I decided to put the foil on top I wouldn’t have the hassle of trying to get it on the hookah after I was finished. Next I made sure to make the shisha float on top of the pulp that I had chopped up inside the skin of the orange. I did this so that the shisha could soak up the juice of the orange and not burn when I put the coals on top. I placed 3 pieces of foil on top so that the orange itself didn’t burn. While setting up the hookah I also took the other half of the orange and chopped it up and placed it in the water in the base to add flavor. I then took the hookah out to my studio and started putting hot coals on top and began to smoke. I ended up with a nice orange flavored shisha that had a natural flavor and was not harsh at all. This session lasted me about an hour and I was able to shoot a video of how I did all of this and my end result. It was a little bit like the Frankenstein monster when I was finished but in all it worked out very well. I cant wait to try with some apple shisha and an apple. So tell me have you tried using fruit to make a bowl?

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Google+ hangout with a smoke



So I started this Google+ hangout thing a couple of months ago and it is a lot of fun. Monday nights at 7pm U.S. central time I set up my hookah and my laptop and start a hangout on Google+. I have to say I really wasnt happy with YouTube when they integrated Google+ into the site because I do a lot of work on YouTube. I started using Google+ and noticed this hangout thing I could do and it inspired me to make time to spend one on one and face to face with the community. I started the hangouts and no one showed up the first couple of times but as time went on people were starting to see my posts on Facebook and in the forums. I met a couple of guys that smoked hookah with me for a little bit before the session got cut off. Then the next week my internet went down and it took me weeks to get it back up and when I finally did I reopened the hangouts. Last week I got to talk to a guy name Cody and he seemed like he would be into the hangout and everyone I have met so far has been nice. This troll came on after Cody and I stopped talking and tried to insult the community for having a hangout and page dedicated to hookah and smoking. I really want to have regular people come on the hangout and if we can get enough people to show up each week then we will start giving away prizes and discount coupons. I just cant wait to get a big enough turnout that I have to upgrade my internet package and we have a really cool session set up for everyone. I really enjoy the interaction with the community and I think that Google+ is a great way to bring the people together no matter where they are in the world. So what do you have to lose? Come join me on Google+ Monday nights starting at 7pm U.S. central time and gain some knowledge, experience, and possibly gain some new friends. You can follow us on Facebook , Twitter @smokinghookah , Google+ Smoking-Hookah , or on YouTube to hear more announcements about the Google+ hangout. Im Daniel Springs and as always Keep Smoking!

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All for one and one for all

CommunityAs the title stats this is an all for one and one for all community. There is no one too big and no one too small. We are just like every other community but our community differs from others because we incorporate trends and styles worldwide. All though the community is scattered across the interweb and our opinions may be different we can come together on one thing: our love and passion for hookah. From Egyptian to Syrian to Turkish and American no matter the style the passion is the same. You can find people and information all around you, you just have to know where to look. For instance, I am on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and on the forums. I offer information, support, and my opinions. I write blogs on various websites trying to share and voice information and my opinions but my favorite thing of all is spending time with the community. I have been on many hookah social networks, by far my favorite experience is the Google+ hangouts. I like the Google+ hangouts because it gives me a personal one on one experience with the community. So, I invite you to join me Monday nights starting between 7-7:30 p.m. U.S. Central time on the Google+ hangout. With that being said, let me ask you: Where do you hang out in the hookah community? For more information you can find me on Facebook, Twitter @smokinghookah, YouTube and Google+ Smoking-Hookah , I’m Daniel Springs, as always Keep Smoking.

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Glass Hookahs


Not too long ago I did a review on a new style of hookah that I have never seen before called glass hookahs. The hookah that I reviewed was calle the Glass Wave Hookah and it was only twelve inches tall. When I read the discription I didnt think much about how a twelve inch hookah would be impressive but when I recieved it I couldnt believe how awesome it looked. I opened the case and found this beautiful piece of art instead of what I thought was going to be your run of the mill hookah. I display all of my hookahs on a shelf in my entryway and none of them look like this one, they all have metal shafts probing out of a glass vase with a bowl resting on top. The glass hookah conciels the shaft inside the vase and the bowl rests on top looking like a little flower poking out of the top of a beautiful vase. Another interesting concept is that there is no carb and the hose plugs right into the side of the vase. No carb sounds like it could be an issue but I figured out how to clear the chamber quickly after I started smoking. You simply pull your hose out then blow air into the hole and the force of the air rushing in blows the smoke out without blowing water up the stem. I was thinking that twelve inches also meant not much room for smoke to build up in the chamber but I was wrong the smoke will build up all the way up to the bowl from the water. This hookah smoked better than some of my bigger hookahs and looks even better. Well all I have to say is that if you havent seen a glass hookah you should check them out they are pretty and function well. Let me know what you think about glass hookahs on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, or in the comments below. Im Daniel Springs and as always keep smoking.

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Style This


This month I want to talk about tobacco and the different mediums there are of smoking it. I know that hookah is way out of the ballpark as the standard cigarette or cigar because you can put so many different things into it to smoke. For example, I was buying a cigar from a fine cigar shop locally when the owner was talking to me about how there are two types of people. One type of person is a cigar smoker, with cigars you can simply set the cigar down and walk away and come back to it later without having to relight it. The other type of person is a pipe smoker, where care and time spent with the pipe is necessary to keep it going. I have been thinking about this lately and there are more than just two smokers in this world, you also have cigarette smokers that dont have the time to enjoy the art of taking in nicotine and smoke and would rather suck it down really fast to get their fix and be on their way. With cigars its a light and walk away type of thing just like the cigarette but you can enjoy it much longer than a cigarette. With hookah and a traditional pipe you have to care for your tobacco as you smoke. You have to make sure your tobacco stays the right temperature and doesnt burn and if you walk away it can go out rather quickly. You can flavor your tobacco and spice your experience up. I think if you want to find someone that is sophisticated and that respects tobacco as an art as well as a consumable you look at a pipe smoker. Pipe smokers have tools such as a damper for traditional pipes and tongs for hookah pipes. I think cigarettes have taken the art away from smoking as a past time. Let me know what you think about how tobacco has changed since the pipe. You can leave a comment on facebook, twitter @smokinghookah , google+ Smoking-Hookah or youtube . As always Im Daniel Springs, keep smoking.

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The Empire Strikes Back


I’ve talked about the benefits of smoking hookah and I’ve talked about the bad things involved with hookah, now its time to strike back. How many people are going to talk about all the negative things involved with smoking? Ok smoking can give you cancer, but what doesn’t give you cancer anymore? People are people, they are allowed to make their own choices. I hate when a story is one sided, well this is what smoking causes. Ok I’m not saying that smoking is good for you or bad for you, that’s for you to decide. I know the risks involved with smoking, how many people know that prolonged exposure to certain things gives you cancer as well and do it anyway? How many Twinkies is someone going to eat because they like Twinkies but they eat them knowing that it could lead to obesity or diabetes? I get it smoking can be bad for you but if you want to smoke then do it, I’m not telling you to do it but if you want to then why not? I have been smoking hookah for years now and have not become addicted nor have I been dependent on it. I haven’t developed cancer, emphazema, or other health problems. Besides if I want to smoke who gives anyone the right to tell me I cant. If the world were a little nicer about things there wouldn’t be such a harsh debate. I see commercials on television that put the dangers of smoking visible to the public and I don’t mind the advertising in that aspect. Its when you jump on someone for smoking or doing something they want to do. Hookah bars are starting to pop up all over in the United States and I think that is a good thing, people need a place where they can relax and enjoy hookah, but how long will it last? I fear that smoking will become a thing of the past and hookah could become a lost art form. I’ve tried to log onto a couple of hookah social networks tonight and found that they have been shut down. So when the time comes will you stand up and keep this art form alive? I will always hold hookah as a hobby and an art. Let me know what you think on Facebook , twitter @Daniel8Springs, or on YouTube . I’m Daniel Springs, keep the art form alive and as always keep smoking.

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How the web effects hookah


I always try to write articles informing my readers about hookah, well today I want to write about the effects of the internet and hookah. Hookah has been around for centuries and most of the world has been in the dark about hookah. I am Native American, I belong to 2 major recognized tribes and most Americans can relate the peace pipe and American tobacco to my ancestors. Hookah on the other hand is a different story. Hailing from a few cultures around the world everyone has their own opinion. The internet has taken the art of the water pipe and turned it into something bigger. You can find hundreds of articles online about hookah and the history of hookah. Not only can you do this but you can purchase hookahs from around the world. You can purchase a hookah made by hand that normally are remote and you wouldn’t have been able to obtain unless you traveled to remote areas. My first hookah was purchased by a friend visiting Egypt. There is only one place you can buy a hookah like mine, that is from a street vendor in Egypt where it was hand made. I can find hand-blown glass pipes here any day of the week. How has the internet changed hookah you may ask? Simple, you can now get beautifully crafted hookahs and some of the best shisha sent to your door with a click of a button, no travel necessary. In some cases this can make it sad and boring. Before I started getting my hookah stuff online I would drive 25 minutes to the next town over to buy a tub of Al Fakher shisha from an old man that sells hookah stuff in his gas station, he also buys all the stuff he sells in his shop online. Even though I already knew how to use all the stuff he was selling me he would give me advise on how to set it up or how the flavor is that I’m about to buy. But regardless without the internet this information and the array of products wouldn’t be just a click away. You would still need to travel or know where to get such things. So take a minute and just search hookah on the internet when you get a spare minute, it will really show you how much there is to learn. Let me know what you find on Facebook on twitter @Daniel8Springs or on YouTube . Thank you for reading Im Daniel Springs and as always keep smoking.


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Date Night


While being a parent to young children takes a tole on dates between couples my wife and I have had a few good hookah date nights. Our son is five months old and it makes it hard on us to have special alone time between the two of us. He is constantly in need of attention from us and its hard to get away to have some alone time to just sit and spend time together. I have been smoking hookah for many years now and I enjoy just spending time smoking a nice bowl of shisha. With a demanding baby its hard to cut loose and go out to a hookah bar. My wife cannot leave the baby because she is breast feeding and she cannot smoke tobacco. So what do we do? Its easier for her to smoke herbal non tobacco shisha but I like tobacco for its nicotine buzz. Here is the compromise we make, I set her up a hookah, just for her with a tasty herbal shishal, then I set myself up a hookah with a tasty tobacco based shisha. When the baby goes to sleep we tuck him away in his crib and then we retreat back to my studio where I shoot my hookah reviews. Just the two of us enjoying a nice session of hookah where we can talk and get away for a little while. We watch videos and listen to music on my laptop and just enjoy eachothers company. I know it doesnt sound like much but it is very nice to be able to have the luxury of smoking with my wife and we dont have to leave the baby. We have a baby monitor that we keep with us so if the baby wakes up we can tend to his needs. Just because you are a parent doesnt mean that your hookah life is over. Just dont forget about your significant other because they dont always want to be left out. My wife loves to smoke hookah but never gets the chance. We try to spend nights together smoking when the baby is sleeping. So my advice is if you dont like the same type of shisha or flavors then pick your significant other up a hookah and share your experience like I do, it works out well. Just the other night we sat up almost all night just smoking and talking and I didnt realize the night flew by. Share your story on facebook at  or on twitter @Daniel8Springs or on youtube at . Im Daniel Springs and as always keep smoking.

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Set the mood.


This month I want to talk about lighting and how to set the mood. A few years ago when I was single and would smoke alone I would set up my hookah and curl up to a good movie while I smoke. Turn all the lights off and just relax to a good movie while enjoying some of my favorite shisha. Smoking alone can be boring unless you have something to entertain yourself. While I smoke in my studio now, you can see in my reviews I smoke with lots of lighting so that I get good video. Here are some tips on how to set the mood while you are smoking alone or with friends. First, what are your plans for the session, a party, solo session, casual with friends, or with that special someone? If you are planning on just throwing a party you should be aware that if its a casual party then you can lower the lights a little so that it keeps your friends in a mellow mood or you can brighten the room for a much more entergenic atmosphere. For a casual party or smoking with that special someone you can try adding a black light to the mix and see how cool the smoke looks under the black light. Remember that a black light will also lower the energy level in the room and make the mood melow like low lighting. If you plan on spending some time with that special someone then try turning the lights down low and smoking to a good movie. This is a good idea in most cases as well. In cases of awkward silences the movie can play as filler and make these silences seem less awkward. Music is also a good option as well. Now take these techniques and spice up the next session you have. You can let me know how these tips work by commenting on twitter @Daniel8Springs on facebook at or on youtube at  Thank you for reading and as always keep smoking.

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Like a drink?


I love the way Britt’s say I like a drink, but here is how hookah can be like a drink. Ive been smoking various flavors of shisha lately that are based off popular bar drinks. From a “Dirty Blonde” to a “Screwdriver”, “Pina Colada” to “Cuban Mojito”. I’ve compared Al Fakher’s Hot Ice flavor to an alcoholic beverage last year in a video review. Today I want to talk to you about how to spice your hookah session up. You don’t have to use alcohol at all, but you can if you want. Earlier I uploaded two videos comparing a pina colada and a Cuban mojito to their shisha counterparts, how they compare in taste smell and likeability. My suggestion is get a recipe and decide for yourself, make a drink and compare the drink to the shisha flavor. You can even do this if you throw a hookah party. What do I mean by this? I mean get some of your friends and impress them by making them a drink and setting up a hookah and having them compare the flavors as well. This would make a great conversation piece for any social gathering. Here is how you can do it. Follow these easy steps to make a Cuban mojito and impress your friends. Here are some ingredients for a single drink. You will need one lime, one tea spoon of sugar, two mint sprigs, a cup of club soda or sparkling water, one cup of crushed ice, and a quarter cup of white rum. First add cut the lime into 8 wedges, you will save two of these as garnish. Then, add your sugar and squeeze the remaining 6 wedges of lime into a glass making a lime juice. Next add the 2 sprigs of mint and crush them into your lime juice, then add your club soda to the mixture while adding your rum as well. Now here is the tricky part shake your drink to mix it and pour it into your glass containing your crushed ice. Add your 2 wedges of lime as garnish and a straw, now your drink is complete. For the pina colada I just used a bottle of pina colada mix I bought from the market and followed the steps. Remember that you can make these without the alcohol and it will work the same. Now go out there and impress your friends with your new centerpiece. Thank you for reading and you can follow me on twitter @Daniel8Springs on facebook or on youtube and as always keep smoking.

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